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"Flowing" as Opening, "Calmness" as Closing

"Opening" and "closing" are the abstract and concrete elements in painting, the extension and leap in dance, the lapel and neckline in clothing, as well as a deep breath in the development journey of RUOHAN.


My Treasures

Everyone has their own ordinary collections, whose value cannot be measured in terms of money and whose quantity cannot surpass that of an ordinary antique shop. 


Seeking Spring

In the "Book of Songs · Xiao Ya · Chu che," The ancient Chinese described spring in this way —Spring always arrives slowly, yet wonderfully.


They, crafting annotations for their own verse

André Breton once described a certain poetic creation method as "automatic writing," likening poetry to a dream that arrives at night, allowing one to express and create unconsciously.


On the Eve of Mother's Day

On the eve of Mother's Day, RUOHAN met with a new pair of friends: Min and Xiaoling. We aimed to quietly document an ordinary day for this mother-daughter duo, devoid of any additional significance. This day was not just about the mother; it was also about the daughter.


A Day in the Drift

What does an ideal day look like?

"Waking up naturally, meeting a good friend for a cup of coffee, then strolling through the park together, or heading to a secluded lakeside spot, sitting down to chat, listen to music, and read books, and taking a walk as the sun sets, enjoying a glass of wine together."



In "Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman," Stefan Zweig recounts the encounter between a middle-aged woman and a young gambler.



A single bench, multiple encounters between two women. This is the latest work performed by Xier Lin at this year's Wuzhen Theatre Festival, titled "Me and Hongmei Liu at the Station." It tells the story of a girl encountering her grandmother, who repeatedly gets lost due to cognitive impairments, four times at an old station.