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RUOHAN is a Chinese everyday luxury womenswear brand established in 2021. "ENRICH LIFE WITH EFFORTLESS SPIRT" is not just a tagline for RUOHAN, but a guiding philosophy that permeates every stitch and detail of their fashion approaches. 

Inspired by travel, art, literature, and all forms of aesthetic structures, the brand embodies the style of modern minimalism and is usually centered around a neutral color palette. Abstract design language poetically portrays a sophisticated and versatile profile, simultaneously delivers a timeless wardrobe with subtle attitudes.






RUOHAN made its debut with a 37-piece collection during the AW21 season, setting the stage for its journey into the world of timeless fashion. Thanks to the support scholarship from LaneCrawford, the brand showcased its first collection in Shanghai during the SS22 season. The accolades continued to pour in as the brand was one of the winners of YU PRIZE 2022.

Elevating its status further, RUOHAN was involved in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week starting from the Spring-Summer 2023 season and has been showcasing twice a year during Paris Fashion Week since then. the brand's global reach expanded through collaborations with over 70 selected retailers around the world. A new stage started last June 2023 by taking over the management of its Chinese retailers network and structuring a more complete team internally.

The brand's journey is not just about clothing; it's about the spirit with a commitment to quality, aesthetics, and a unique design language, RUOHAN continues to redefine everyday luxury for the modern woman who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and the poetry of timeless fashion.