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They, crafting annotations for their own verse

André Breton once described a certain poetic creation method as "automatic writing," likening poetry to a dream that arrives at night, allowing one to express and create unconsciously. Wheelwright commented on this: "The vast majority of thoughtful poetry is cryptic and difficult to decipher. Understanding such poetry always brings a sense of pleasure and delight, as if a riddle is intuitively solved. As a result, this kind of poetry is always more pleasurable (or at least of a different nature of pleasure) compared to poetry directly aimed at intellectual understanding." Poetry, therefore, resembles a form of automatic writing between the author and the viewer, with its results belonging to everyone.

Thus, we engaged in a guessing game with the guerrilla poets, asking them to annotate their own poems. We didn't inquire about their creative intent, nor did we ask about the context of the time and place; instead, we posed some boundless questions, questions that arise suddenly in the mind. Just as they observe life, we observe them.


Fi|Mother's Phallus


Xiaobai|River Town


Teng|Unemployed Specter