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A single candle can both defy and define the darkness. Only one is needed to light another and can in turn light thousands more. As the oldest way of lighting are still now the way we illuminate celebrations. The Spring Summer 23 collection takes inspiration from the concept of candles and light. It’s undeniable purity; the steadiness of the energy and the reliability of the warm calming effect. To light a candle is to cast a shadow but to light, a candle can also guide us through the darkness.

Turn back time to the Italian Renaissance, how the artisans painted with candles in their hands to light up the wall in front. How the miraculous colors, in addition to chemical reactions related to those artisans painting under candlelight, peacefully and quietly. The colors under the light were covered with a warm tone and the artists enlightened the entire colossal frescoes frame by frame, painting by painting, eventually portraying a magnificent story to be told from generation to generation.

RUOHAN explores the appeal of a serene, well-curated wardrobe of desirable and unique fabrics. With the concept of candles, waxtreated fabrics are the main fabrics of this collection. In addition, the collection also simulates some special techniques inspired by the Renaissance fresco production for fabric development and manipulation where the prints are inspired by the movement of fire. Ruohan Nie, the designer and founder, worked with a natural narrow palette that went from white to black, from cold to warm, just like the effect of a candle; from dark to bright. The tone of the SS23 collection imitates the colors seen under candlelight, with a misty warm inflection capturing the contrast between the original tones and the tones under candlelight. Black, red, brown, and clear to creamy white close to a pale yellow is the most commonly used during the Renaissance in the 14th century due to the fact that these colors are not oxidized nor discolored.

With a whisper of artiness, RUOHAN presented a collection that remains elegant and anonymously chic. At a gallery in the heart of Paris in a space with no distractions, the presentation was focused on something pure, artistic and exquisitely composed. With a mix of models and abstract installations the fall, the weight and the textures of the collection perfectly displayed the composition of the thoughtfully layered pieces along with the ambient music in the background, a unified serenity.

The finesse of the cuts was precise but relaxed and combined an experimental approach to form. The mono-colored looks revealed subtle details like the asymmetrical draping and the sensuous use of the sheer fabrics forming a playfulness and something fresh.

With a strong vision, RUOHAN presented this season in the official calendar at Paris Fashion Week a collection of impeccably executed pieces. A luxury interpretation of a versatile relaxed style to be worn from day to night.